Origin Aquatic Nutrition


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Origin Aquatic Nutrition is built on a strong foundation of ingredients that will bring vitality and health to your fish, with the  addition to that some proven colour enhancers that will take your fish to the next level.

Origin food is scientifically formulated to improve digestion and nutrient uptake this will result in increased growth, improved health and less waste in your water column. It uses the very best ingredients, minimal fillers and trademarked ingredients to ensure this happens.

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Fire Red Cichlid Formula 1.5-2.3mm, Fry Starter 0.5mm, Fry Starter 0.5mm 150g, Krill Power Flake, Malawi Pro Colour 1.2-1.5mm, Premium Malawi Formula – 1.2-1.5mm, Stick-on-grazers, Supreme-green-soft-pellet, Tropical Community Formula


100gm, 120gm, 250gm, 300gm, 40gm, 75gm


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