Repashy Reptile Superfoods 85gr


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Repashy Superfoods have over 20 years of research and development and have refined the ultimate range of premix reptile diets, insect gutload formulas and supplements. All are Fortified with vitamins, trace elements and minerals and used by hobbiests and professionals alike.

Mixed into a paste with a little water.

There is a dizzying array of types and flavours available – please select from the drop down box as required

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Banana Cream Pie, Bluey Buffet, Bug Burger, Calcium Plus, Calcium Plus HyD, Calcium Plus LoD, Chicken Pie, Crested Gecko, Crested Gecko CLASSIC, Crested Gecko MANGO, Formic-Cal Plus, Grassland Grazer, Grub Pie, Grubs 'n' Fruit, Meat Pie, RescueCal +, Savory Stew, SuperCal HyD, SuperCal LoD, SuperCal MeD, SuperCal NoD, SuperLoad, SuperPig, SuperVeggie, SuperVite, Veggie Burger, Vitamin A plus


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