Reptilush – Stock List 27/10/2022

Reptiles in stock Jan 2023

Bearded Dragon; Red, normal & hypo3
Chameleon: Yemen2
Skinks; Blue Tongue1
Other Lizards; Ackie Monitor Lizard, Casquehead Iguana2
Gecko; Crested, Leopard,6
Tarantula; Large range12
Other Inverts4
Insects; Stick and Mantids4
Amphibians; 4
Turtle; Musk3
Tortoise; Horsfield, Hermann, 2
Pythons; Super pastel Pied, Leopard, Lesser, Hypo9
Corn Snakes; Palmetto, Normal, Hypo, Blood-red Caramel5
Other Snakes0
Frogs; Golden, USA Tree, Whites, Selection of Poison Arrow Dart Frogs10
Reptile Stock List